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7 Days Delivery

Tailored E-commerce
Website Design

Custom E-commerce Website Design with
WooCommerce Platform

Crafting successful e-commerce websites is what we excel at. Leave it to us to design your dream online store that will make your customers click "add to cart" without a second thought.

Our specialty is designing tailored e-commerce websites, also known as online shops, using the WooCommerce platform within WordPress. Our goal is to help you increase revenue and boost brand awareness by offering your customers a direct way to purchase your products online. With our years of experience, we are confident that we can provide a solution that fits your needs, whether you are just starting out or expanding your business.

Our e-commerce website design services ensure that you have complete control over your online presence, including both design and functionality. We use the latest coding standards and make sure that your website looks and works as intended on different devices and platforms, such as mobile and tablet devices.

For over 25 years, we have built successful e-commerce websites, and we have found that the best solution for most businesses is the WordPress / WooCommerce Platform Solution. We never use cheap pre-built themes; instead, we create a fully customized website tailored to meet your design and functionality requirements.

We offer ongoing support services such as maintenance, security management, and search engine optimization after your website is launched.

E-commerce Website Design

Finomise offers to create a customized e-commerce website that meets your specific needs, from planning to design and development.

  • We will create a unique design for your website by discussing your ideas and using visual aids.
  • We will ensure that your website has a well-organized navigation system based on planning and sitemaps.
  • Our developers will hand-code your website using modern and responsive technology.
  • We will help you to set up and configure your product database structure.
  • We will integrate a smooth order processing system into your website.
  • We will integrate a secure payment solution into your website.
  • We will provide training to help you manage your product catalogue and sales order process.
  • Your website will be fully responsive, adjusting to different screen sizes, and will be added to Google’s mobile website directory.
  • Your website will be hosted securely under HTTPS (SSL) to meet modern browser requirements.
  • Your website will be GDPR compliant to protect the privacy of your customers.
  • The content of your website will be managed through the full installation of the WordPress/WooCommerce CMS back-end.
  • Your website will be optimized for search engines by targeting specific keywords.
  • We will put your website live according to a structured “Migration Plan” to ensure no loss in search engine placement.
Feedback from Beau & Elliot

“We selected Finomise Web Design to construct our online store. They have been extremely supportive and diligent in paying attention to the minutiae. They are quick to respond to phone calls or emails and are always on the ball. Thank you very much, the site looks fantastic.”

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